Trip Report: Tricky

With the caddis activity slowed to a trickle and very few mayflies sighted, I headed to a stream that’s full of trout and hard to fish when low and clear. That and full sun worked against us as we fished, he with a spinning setup and me on the fly. The banks on this medium sized creek are quite high necessitating conscience navigation and judicious wading.

Fishing was slow for my buddy. I started out fishing a sz 16 quill mayfly to sporadic risers. A few 5-6 inchers came to hand but it was slow. After every two or three steps we could see trout darting away, spooked by our silhouettes and the vibrations of us walking heavily up river. Eventually I conceded that they weren’t gonna eat on top. I tossed on a small indicator with a size 16 Brassie trailing a size 18 rusty orange mayfly nymph. I chose this fly after matching it to similar natural I found overturning a rock that sat under water in 8 or 9 inch deep riffle. This worked, but still spooked plenty when it hit the water.

I know I’m holding it waaay out but this was still a great fish with a pair of shoulders and a good story! My buddy spotted it as I stood in the middle of a slow current the was planting to pull my line downstream. After he keyed me in I landed a few good casts, but spooked him a little. I proceeded to pull quite a few chunky little 10-12 inch browns out, sometimes on consecutive casts. After a dozen or so my buddy, standing on the high bank behind me, spotted the fish again! I tried a few more times as he decided to move upstream. After 5 or I’d casts I landed one at his feet. I saw the fish move a tiny bit to his right and the indicator dipped. After a quick battle he was in. I found a few more productive pools, pulling 5-10 fish from each one. Again, small average size fish, but one sporting one!

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