Trip Report: 24 Hours

The wife is out of town this weekend so I fished a whole lot over the last 24 hours. The lawn needed mowing last night but when I wrapped it up around 730 I still wanted to fish. After a quick dinner I headed out mousing! I arrived on stream at quarter to nine. The sun had set but there was still a glow on the horizon. As soon as that glow went away fish started snappin!

Unfortunately this was the only one to come to hand. I have a smaller mouse pattern that would’ve increased my bite to hand ratio. I landed 1 but had 8 or 9 hits. Some felt and sounded substantial. I was home by 1015pm.

I woke up late this morning and after some indecision decided to hit a smaller stream that’s less pressured. I saw plenty of fish but couldn’t coax any to the top. I landed one small one on a nymph before heading to another spot. To my surprise the lot was empty!

I’m pretty sure a buddy hooked and lost this fish earlier this week. The fish came from the exact same spot and took the same fly! Fish didn’t seem too interested in a dead drifted fly but when retrieved quickly with a short twitch fish responded well. They also seemed to like the fly twitched upstream, against the current.

Temps reached the low 80’s and I noticed very little bug activity. The stream was crystal clear at first but I’d guess someone was fishing the upstream private section of this river because the water became more stained as I walked up.

There are lots off dinky little trout in the rivers right now. I think this bodes well for the next year of fishing! Lots of new fish and lots of food for the big ones! Tomorrow looks stormy so stay tuned for updates on conditions.

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