Guide Trip Report: Caddis

Today I took two fellas from the great state of Wisconsin for a foray on one of my favorite stretches of trout water. I hoped conditions would be good for caddis but with cloudy skies and windy conditions we didn’t see a blanket hatch. Still caddis came off all day with a frequency that led fish to rise all day. Early on fish responded well to the fly twitched. For most of the day fish wanted the fly dead drifted. They also responded fairly well to the skitter.

Jon briefly hooked into a good one on a streamer before switching to a dry fly. This was a good switch and he landed fish at a prolific pace.

Jaime threw a side armed cast under the rainbow branch in the background to hook this fish on top.

Jaime put a hurt on em! We never really had caddis coming off heavy but fish rose all day. While lots of smaller fish came to hand we also saw plenty of above average ones! His last cast of the day hooked into a 16+ inch brown that snapped off his 4x tippet in short order.

Toward the end of the day these guys had a solid double. I have no idea how many fish came to hand but it was many. Jon and Jaime were great company and quick learners. I’m hopeful the tips and techniques shared today will lead to more and bigger fish for these guys in the future.

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