Trip Report: Dreary day

What a dreary day. When I arrived on stream, around 1115am, temps hovered in the mid 50’s, rain spot from the cloudy sky, and the wind was just strong enough to mess with a good cast. It didn’t help that I chose a skinny stream. I hoped to see caddis but they seem to like it a little warmer. I though for sure Olives but none. I chose to fish upstream with a elk hair caddis. Dead drifts worked ok but a slow, steady twitch retrieve triggered good action.

This solid fish put up a great fight. He was a consolation prize as I missed a much larger on minutes earlier. I continued to pick up lots of 8-10 inch trout with a few good ones interspersed before walking up to a run/pool with a willow hanging over. It would be impossible to fish it casting upstream so I snuck to the head of the run and whipped a sidearm cast under the willow and into the current. It was snapped up quickly as it swung through the current.

What a fatty! This picture doesn’t do him justice. Check out this angle!

He was probably only 15 inches but he put up an outstanding battle. A couple dozen came to hand today with a smaller than typical average size. This is a good sign that big ol boom trout have plenty of decent sized food to chow on! The next few days look a little chilly but Monday should see a return of the caddis. If I were fishing this weekend I’d use caddis nymphs like the pink squirrel, hares ear, or anything sz 16ish, or I’d twitch the elk hair caddis with and/or against the current. Olives will be around too. Smaller mayfly nymphs (sz18), parachute dries, and other emerger should fish well at times. Don’t hesitate to nymph with a caddis imitation in a tandem rig followed by a small mayfly nymph.

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