Trip Report: More caddis

On stream by 1230pm and off by 430pm. A friend and I expected to find caddis but were a little surprised to see so many flying up the windshield as we drove in! We both rigged up a gray size 16 elk hair caddis and chased ‘em.

This guy somehow picked my artificial fly out of the hundreds that were floating by. He put up a great fight on the five weight.

Again the average size fish was much better than usual. I attribute this to being able to target larger fish based on rise form, and sometimes by sight!

This was my fish of the day. The picture doesn’t do him justice. He was hefty and strong. He plucked the fly off the surface as it drifted within inches of shore and put up a great battle. We ran into a fair number of people on the river today. Most fly fishermen seemed to do well while spin fishers reported slow fishing, probably because the fish were gorging themselves on caddis flies! Another beautiful day on the water.

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