Trip Report: Do you ever…

…get sick of being wrong? Yes. But I’m this case I ain’t mad.

As I got within 20 feet of the stream I could see enough caddis in the air to know they were coming off strong. All but one of my elk hair caddis was in my car. I carried the 5 weight today with 10 lb test and a big streamer from yesterday. Luckily I did decide to bring 4x tippet and my small fly box. I rerigged immediately, although not ideally, and hit the water.

I didn’t think the caddis would come thick yet. I arrived at 315pm and the hatch was going. With the water low and clear the fish’s behavior could be easily observed. Small fish hit enthusiastically. Medium sized fish snapped up caddis adults with vigor and, in slow water, would “cruise” or patrol an area. They’d snap up a fly within a four foot zone or turn another direction to grab a natural. Sight fishing dry flies is the best!

As the afternoon proceeded fish kept eating. Check out the belly on some of these fish! They put a great bend on the five weight.

Fish initially wanted a perfect dead drift. By 530ish they started to respond to twitches, then to the fly being slowly retrieved with long, slow strips. I fished that one elk hair caddis the whole time! 2 dozen came to hand while I missed that many, if not more. Three came to hand on the walk back to the car. The general season (when you can keep trout) opens tomorrow. While I infrequently keep trout I don’t admonish those who do. Good luck, the mn driftless will see a lot of pressure over the next month or so! If you plan to hit the area manage your expectations with respect to finding solitude and be nice to each other.

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