Trip Report: Caddis madness

Hiked into a remote spot with a friend hoping for a caddis hatch. We got a late start, on the river by 10am. Midges came off strong at first but fish didn’t seem interested. We landed a few sporadic rising trout before fish started to key in on emerging bugs, around noon.

Fish ate on top until around 3pm, then rises continued on a sporadic basis. A few waves of hatches came through with most being sz 18 gray caddis. I fished a size 16 with great success.

I used the five weight fly rod again with a 12 foot leader and tippet combination terminating at 4x.

These fish were amazingly fat, stuffed to the gills with caddis flies. It makes a 12 inch fish feel much bigger and makes light or damaged tippet much more likely to break.

I didn’t count today but between the two of us I bet we landed 40 fish. They all came on Elk Hair Caddis dry flies. Long casts weren’t a must but certainly gave the angler an advantage as streams remain low and clear.

3 thoughts on “Trip Report: Caddis madness

  1. Great point on the damaged tippet, it’s a good reminder to remember to cut back and re-tie every so often to limit the number of break offs!


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