Out and about

I’ve been out and about a fair amount over the last month, mostly hiking around the bluffs hiking, checking out deer sign, or looking for small game. I’ve built a few rods and stayed busy behind the vice but neglected the social media.

January 1st marks the start of the early catch and release trout fishing season here in Southeast Minnesota. As I type temps for the opener are forecast in the low 20’s. We have very little snow on the ground but there is 4-8 inches forecast between now and then. Still, I’d anticipate travel will be easy. If fish are looking up they will be focused on little black or olive midges. Pink Squirrels, orange or pink scuds, or any standard nymphs should fish well. I won’t likely try streamers. Fishing will be best mid day, when stream temperatures are on the rise. Fishing will slow later into the afternoon. I’d bet on fishing between 10am and 230pm. Good luck out there and stay warm.

*there is a special cwd management hunt scheduled for January 2 and 3. Weather you’re fishing an easement, WMA, state forest or state park WEAR SOME ORANGE!