Trip Report: The weekend

I got out fishing a couple times over the weekend. Fishing was slower than average, likely due to the spots I chose. Fishing pressure seemed heavy and I wound up fishing behind others for most of the time.


This guy took a foam hopper from under an overhanging bluff. It took a sidearm cast to get a fly where the fish was surfacing.


This hopper eater has the strangest proportions. Water was low, on the warmer side, and crystal clear everywhere I checked. After the rains we got last night and this am, and cooler high temperatures in the forecast fish are going to start putting on the feedbag in preparation for the spawn and coming winter.


I spotted a few spare olive mayflies and on Saturday pm found myself in the midst of an epic blanket midge hatch. Fish were not looking up.

Trip Report: Long awaited

With temperatures in the high 80’s throughout the day I was hesitant to even go fishing. High water temperatures (high 60s+) are taxing on their bodies so it is imperative that we fish areas that are heavily spring fed. It hasn’t been too hot for long but I’d bet by mid week lots of areas should be avoided or the temp checked before fishing. Anyway, I hit the water with a friend around 530p and fished until 830p.


What a beautiful piece of water! We fished here and another upstream section. I fished a quill mayfly dry with great success using my custom 7’ 6” 4 weight Blue Halo fiberglass rod, a blast to fish with.


This combo has been deadly on the skitter. Things started off great.


This guy had great spots! At one point things slowed down and a big herd of cows impeded our progress so we headed to another spot.


This spot started out hot and fished super well as the night progressed. Some type of orange-ish baetis-looking mayfly came off fairly well. So did some larger olive colored ones and a few spare caddis.

It was a beautiful night to be out. I must’ve landed 20 fish, all on the same fly! By the end of the night it was mangled beyond recognition. As we drove home we saw lightening flashing on the horizon.

Trip Report: Yesterday

The rain we received on Friday pm had a variable effect on trout streams of the mn driftless. I heard about a couple spots that have been close to unfishable. The spots I checked out ran with a nice stain that dissipated as the day progressed.


Three decent little brownies took a red brassie fished on the bottom in deep, faster current.

A decent number of fish came to hand in the short time I fished but it felt slow considering near perfect conditions. Fish would not chase my streamer and the worm proved ineffective.

Fish did eat the red brassie (mostly) skittered quill body mayfly and renegade, and trico. This morning I got out to try a newly improved section of stream. I brought a rod but only really walked and took pictures.


Stay tuned, I plan to drop a fly tying video later today!

Trip Report: Night fishing

It’s been a few years since I’ve gone night fishing. A buddy who’s as driven to fish as I am agreed to come along. The highlight of the commute to the water was lightening, far on the horizon. We arrived on stream around 930p and fished for an hour.
After missing a few splashy, heart stopping hits I got this little guy on the deer hair mouse fly. Lightening lit up the sky around us by a little after 10. The next fish I landed would be the last.


Action was slow. I ended the adventure with the slime of only two fish on my hands while my buddy blanked. He wanted to keep going but the sky got funky. We could see and feel a large shelf cloud, backlit by lightening bearing down. The wind picked up and the spritz of rain felt splashy, like it’s blown in vertically from clouds a mile or two away. I failed to get a decent picture. I fished a simple-ish deer hair mouse patterned fly “swam” upstream. All hits came in deeper pool areas. Stay tuned, I hope to get out tomorrow.


Guide Trip Report

I introduced a guy to the skitter and helped a recent convert to the skitter refine his technique. Things started out a little slow as I worked to teach some of the nuances required to fish this way, but these fishermen are a quick study. By the time we quickly fished back to where I wanted to start, things picked up. We started fishing the sz 16 quill bodied mayfly emerger and ended with more success using a sz 16 renegade from Tie It, Fish It! One fella headed back to the car for a cold one while the other and I fished the last pool. With no fish rising and the sun setting fish keyed in strong on the renegade. Around a dozen came to hand out of that last pool. The two fish of the day were well over a foot, joined by plenty of thick 10-12 inchers.

Trip Report: Fast and slow

I got out around 530pm and action started out fast. Clouds of tiny midges hung in the air and bwo’s came off at a slow but steady rate. The sz 18 quill mayfly emerged did the trick. I was too persistent with this fly and would have done well to switch over to a bow dun pattern around 7pm.


This is one of the most brown brownies I’ve ever seen! I landed a few around 12 or 13 and maybe 7 or 8 fish total. I did try a red brassie in sz 18 for a time and landed 3 little guys. One good sized fish snapped me off too. Despite the rains we’ve seen off and on throughout the area over the last two days this stream was crystal clear! Area streams should all be fishable. Today the fish were skittish and leader shy so I resorted to 6x tippet and long casts. I was a little lazy about minding my profile and my shadow hit the water too frequently. It makes a difference!

Tie it, fish it video series

I plan to record a video series depicting how to tie certain patterns followed by a demonstration of techniques used to fish the patterns. This is my first attempt using iMovie and GarageBand. I’ve learned a ton and am excited to use what I’ve learned to improve.