Trip Report: Uncertain times

So everything has been a mess everywhere. After a week of feeling sick, changes upon changes at work, and the sky falling I found some precious time on Sunday to seek balance.


A friend and I met up at a spot that was destined to be deserted, but it wasnt. We hopped into our respective vehicles and hit up a few free spots.

I started with a streamer but action was slow. Upon heading to another spot I opted to go small. A red size 18 brassie did the trick!


I landed fish infrequently before posting up on a wide, deep pool that teamed with fish. I dropped the midge pattern behind an orange scud, which only provided the weight required to get the fly deep.


I landed around 20 out of this hole. All it took was getting the fly deep. No long casts, no light tippet or long leader, minimal sneakage. I’d encourage anyone confronted with discerning trout that are prodded up to try deeply fished small flies! I’ll be unable to get out much over the next few days but stay tuned, the sun is staying out longer and the fish are waking up!!!

Trip Report: Fishing was decent

A friend and I met up around 8am just off I90 and headed to out intended trout stream. Temps started out in the low teens but eventually reached the mid 30’s. Winds picked up as the day pressed on and skies went from bluebird to a light cloud covered, back to bluebird. The temperature never got high enough and the sun never shined with enough intensity to trigger issues associated with runoff.

Conditions were less than ideal for much of the day. The stream was also low and clear. But fish came to hand consistently, and in a beautiful place.


I started the day fishing with a sz 12 San Juan worm and finished using a sz 16 orange scud trailing a rust colored sz 18 zebra midge. My friend fished with a spinner or rapala the whole time. A few hours into the woods my friend hooked into a decent fish.


He looks pretty proud of himself in this shot, and he should be. Also pictured is the fish of the day! We landed a decent number of fish but nothing huge.

My friend also got some video clips of me hooking into some fish under an indicator. Stay tuned!