Trip Report: Floating

Buddy and I headed to a larger area river for a float. We arrived on stream around 10am.


Without a cloud in the sky we cast a long shadow all day. We tried streamers, dries, and a few nymph patterns. We spotted very few risers today despite the banks being peppered with midges and little black stone flies. The San Juan worm was the best performer.


Stream temps ranged from 38 to 42. Air temps reached the mid 40s and winds were light.


It’s a little hard for me to get used to floating. You have much less time to work spots versus when doing a walk and wade.


Nice to get out again and soak up some sun!

Trip Report: Hmmm

I fished the morning with a friend on a stream bubbling with springs. I always expect this stream to fish well in winter but it’s never treated me well. This morning was no aberration.


We tried streamers and nymphs with both fooling no one. It was nice to catch up with a friend but we both got skunked. He flew in late last night and needed a nap. We parted ways around noon. By 1pm I was lunched up and ready to get back at ‘er.

The streamer bite I had badly anticipated never materialized. Around a dozen came to hand over a few hours expressing interest equally between an orange scud, San Juan worm, and red brassie. Temps probably reached the low 40’s and clear skies left the fish skittish. Both streams today showed no signs of runoff. Tomorrow looks good too!

Trip Report: Fresh tracks

I looked forward to this day for the last few weeks. No obligations other than to slay trout!


The setting was fantastic. I arrived on stream around 830am and immediately put some distance between the car and I. Temps started below freezing before edging up to the mid 30s by the time I stumbled to the car at 4pm. Winds were light but picked up enough to make casting the glass rod tricky for about an hour. The sun shined all day making a stealthy approach, long casts, and light tippet imperative. The snow was tough to trudge through and shelf ice was treacherous. But fish were eating.


This decent brown trout took a sz 18 orange scud fished on the bottom. I stubbornly stood by the scud for far too long! By around 10 I could no longer ignore the hordes of midges crawling on the ice shelves.


I tied on a sz 18 Griffiths gnat and never looked back.


This guy was the fish of the day! I missed quite a few nice fish due to poor hooksets. Around lunchtime things slowed down so I smashed a sandwich and looked out over my domain.


After lunch I continued upstream noticing all kinds of beautiful views.


Before too long I turned tail and headed for the car. But as I got closer to the vehicle I ran into more risers.


Fish were really spooky under clear skies today but a long leader, a gentle approach and the right fly were key. Around 2 dzn came to hand with a fairly even split. No brookies:( Stay tuned though, next weekend I’ll be back at it.

Trip Report: The weekend

I hoped for fast and furious fishing over the weekend. Temperatures were right. Typically warmer temps with dry snow dont contribute to runoff. The snowpack can take plenty of moisture before trickling into the stream. My only concern was clear water and sunny skies. Both days fish rose to midges, but frequently scattered before I could get close.


On Saturday they rose to the midge readily. I had to make heroic casts and brought around 1.5 dozen of these little guys to hand. Most took a size 20 Griffiths Gnat. I tried a streamer on and off with only two takers.


On Sunday a buddy and I went hard after em. Fish rose to midges but only barely nipped at streamers. After a while we gave up on em in favor of the G-gnat.

20200202_193156 This guy ate the Gnat after my buddy fished at him for 15 minutes or so. It felt good to show him up! After a long day with very few fish to hand we decided to hike a bit.


We hiked some beautiful bluffs. I hoped to find lots of deer sign but found very few. Probably lots of hunters come November round these parts! Cant wait to get out again!!!