Trip Report: Acclimating

All I needed to get me out the door and onto the river today was a good excuse. I told myself that with cold weather setting in and the Wisconsin gun deer season upcoming I needed to acclimate myself. Perfect reason to get out on such a chilly day! Temps were in the high 20s when I hit the stream, around 830. Skies were cloudy and winds were light yet biting.


Some browns were on their beds as were brook trout. A word of caution, when wading steer clear of light colored patches of gravel, typically found in faster moving water, even somerimes quite shallow and close to shore. I focused my energy on fishing deeper, slower pools which spawning fish tend to avoid and where stocked rainbow congregate.


Most fish took a dark brown size 18 mayfly midge dishes below an indicator. A gray size zebra midge fished well too. I tried fishing a size 18 parachute bwo with only a small brown and a small brookie to show for it.

The park was fairly quiet today. I ran into a few nice fellas on the water but found plenty of water to fish in solitude. By noon I felt properly acclimated so I headed home to daydream about hunting:)