Trip Report: Post vacation troutin’

After spending the week in the Boundary Waters I returned home itching to chase trout! I headed out this morning intending to fish with streamers. The skies were cloudy, rainy, and cold. The stream I fished today carried a very fishable stain but the streamer illicited only lethargic strikes. Around 10am a solid hatch of bwo’s came off and continued until around 230pm when I headed home soaking wet and cold.

Fish readily ate a size 18 purple haze. I used 6x tippet today which seemed to help. During periods of lighter rain bwo’s came off with consistency and fish took notice. During periods of heavier rain things slowed. I did manage a few small trout on the San Juan worm but kept going back to the dry!


This strong brownie put up a great fight on the three weight. I’d guess he was around 16 inches.


This fish came from the same stretch of water. It amazes me how different the coloration can be from one fish to another, even when they come from the same area. Fishing will remain good through the end of the general teout season (September 15) so get after em!