Reasons for Learning to Fish the Midge

Many fly anglers avoid using midge patterns. I was slow to the midge game because I’d always believed fish would eat a larger fly before minding the midge. I figured midges would be difficult to “figure out” while I already new how to fish other patterns. After seeing a buddy land an 18 inch trout on a gray size 18 zebra midge while I flailed away downstream with little to show for my efforts I became a believer! Here’s a short list of why midges work.

  1. Midges are found in all different types of water from spring creeks to alpine lakes, warm water ponds to freestone rivers.
  2. Midges are found year round and become especially important in winter.
  3. Midges, despite their small size, make up a large portion of a trouts diet so they eat a lot of ’em.
  4. Even college educated trout fall for small midges (they work well on heavily pressured water).
  5. They work well with sunny skies and clear waters as they land quietly on the water.
  6. They tend to be an easy pattern to tie and an inexpensive pattern to buy.
  7. While small tippets are best 5x works just fine with size 20 and larger midges.
  8. They can be dead drifted, twitched, and swung.
  9. Even spooked fish will eat midges once they calm down.
  10. Midges catch larger numbers of fish as well as large fish.

If anyone has questions about fishing with midges feel free to leave questions in the comment section. If interested in any of the patterns I have available for sale shoot me an email at You’re missing out if your fly box is missing midge patterns.

New Patterns

I’ve added some new flies to the site. Now I’m tying prince nymphs, tellico nymphs, and hares ear nymphs. I’m also tying elk hair caddis and parachute hares ear dry flies.

Tellico Nymph 012

I’ve been tying a ton lately. Fish are eating caddis although those hatches should wane throughout May. We’ll be seeing a smattering of mayflies coming up as well as crane flies and terrestrials. Get stocked up with those flies you don’t want to find yourself on the stream without!