Hatch Update

So due to the cold spring we’ve had hatches are running behind. We have had a few decent days of bwo hatches but for the most part if fish are looking up they’re eating midges. Over the next week or so this probably won’t change as temps are forecast to remain in the low 40’s. Once we see temps in the 50’s we should see more reliable hatches of bwo’s. Dark hendrickson’s should be coming soon as well. As for caddis I still think we could see ’em coming of in good numbers around the last week of this month.


I was out earlier this week and during two afternoon sessions on the stream I found fish rising to midge emergers and taking skittering adults from the surface. The quill bodied deer hair mayfly emerger worked as well as a size 20 matts midge fished down and across. Besides tying up flies I recently did a full guide replacement on a fly rod for a buddy on his St. Croix Legend Elite.

Fly Rod Guide Replacement 006.JPG

The rod came from the factory with single eyelet guides. He fishes a ton and the guides were well worn. He sent the rod to St. Croix to have it affixed with snake guides. The guides they put on were cheap and had small crimps just above where the loop transitions to the guide foot. He had broken one guide and in loosening them I manged to break the rest off. Also the guides were somewhat oversized. My friend got Snake Brand guides for replacement guides and they worked really well. Can’t wait for him to take it out!