The end of fall fishing.

Fall fishing will very soon give way to cold, icy, snowy, windy, sunny, chapped, shivering, awesome winter fly fishing! Today fish were eating small midge emergers (quill bodied midge emerger) and slightly larger olive wd40’s.


This fish ate a size 16 wd40 fished around a foot down to fish that were rushing midge emergers just below the surface. Fish will continue to hit whatever flies a fisher can get down in front of their faces but with the arrival of winter midges and scud will fish best.

Hot Flies Report

Fish have been eating size 16 tungsten beaded wd40’s and gray size 16 tungsten beaded zebra midges. When fish are eating midge dry flies the size 20 Matt’s Midge has worked well on top. If temps make a return to the high 40’s or better we may see a sporadic mayfly hatch which will turn fish onto a size 20 bwo dry pattern.


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