Fishin’ is heating up!

Hike with Tim in the Woods 020With snow melted away the fishing will only get hotter! I’ve landed fish on streamers, San Juan Worms, and CDC BWO Emergers. The bottom of most local streams are covered in cased Caddis. Within the next month we should be seeing epic hatches of caddis. BWO’s will continue to come off strong and other attractor nymphs like the SJ Worm and Pink Squirrel of Prey will continue to fish well. Get some flies and GO FISHING!big trout 019

What they’re eatin’ now

Check out my full report at MN Driftless Fly FishingIMG_0966

With a slight stain on the water trout were chomping on the Pink San Juan Worm! Fish were also landed on the Pink Squirrel of Prey and Pheasant Tail Emerger. Get ’em while they’re hot. After each rain the SJ Worm will fish really well. Pheasant Tail Emergers will continue to work well as the BWO hatch gets into full swing. Before long we’ll begin seeing Gray Caddis as well as a number of other species of mayflies.

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Get ’em While They’re Hot!

Today trout started eating the Olive WD40 in a real way. I landed around thirty fish with most taking the WD40 trailed behind the Pink Squirrel of Prey. The Pink San Juan Worm also gets an honorable mention as the brookies were lovin’ it! All fish were caught on a Whitewater Valley Fly Rod as well!

Trout Fishing 023

What Are They Eating?

Whitewater Trout Fishing 007Today I landed fish on size 14 Pink Squirrels of Prey (top producer!), orange and pink Scud, and size 20 Matt’s Midge. I also found the first really easily fishable midge hatch of the spring. Fish rose consistently for around 20 minutes. A long leader and small midge patterns are the name of the game for this hatch! Before long SJ Worms and BWO patterns will join the usual suspects as go to flies.

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